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Learn the special skills to negotiate like a professional.

With Mark Rolton, you will understand what people’s needs really are and importantly how to tread the right path to success. The art of negotiation is pivotal in ensuring the right result is achieved and all parties are left winners. Combined with the millionaire mindset these strategies will deliver the end goal we all seek – comfort and security in wealth. Join Mark Rolton and you’ll never look at property the same way again!

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Millionaire Mindset

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Come on a whirlwind tour of Europe with Mark Rolton as he unlocks the secrets of the super wealthy. Go inside the minds of the magnates and find out how they made their wealth and how it is possible for you. This four part series will reveal valuable insights. Bon Voyage!

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Full Time Investor

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Join Mark Rolton as his co-pilot for the day to discover the insights. See the hard earned lessons of being a Full Time Investor. Be in the front seat for this 8 part series and join in the work, rest and play. Watch how a property entrepreneur increases their wealth and portfolio on a daily basis.

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With the help of Mark Rolton, James optioned a commercial site which is in documentation at the moment. James is now negotiating with ultimate buyers and will decide whether to sell as a short option or a long option.

James C
Gold Coast Event 2010

Testimonial James C

Paul Optioned a townhouse site, Mark Rolton is meeting with ultimate buyers to on sell the site on his behalf.

Paul S
Sydney Event 2009

Testimonial Paul S

Mark, from Victoria met Mark Rolton on the Gold Coast Property Options event and helped a Strata titled a block of units and sold them off individually, is now strata titling a second block of units.

Mark W
Gold Coast Event 2010

Testimonial Mark W

Have signed a HOA on a residential block site, Mark Rolton help negotiating with ultimate buyers to on-sell the property.

Steve S and Jim S
Gold Coast Event 2010

Testimonial Steve S and Jim S


See what some of my clients have to say

Chris found a site and made $15,000 and will make even more on his second deal.

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Nathan discusses his journey since attending Property Options with Mark Rolton.

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Suzanna discusses how she sold off the blocks of her small subdivision and how much profit she made.

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