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Stretching the Limits of our Financial Ability

By 30 Mark Rolton was a self-made millionaire. He is a driven individual, an ironman tri-athlete, adventure racer, keynote speaker and avid helicopter enthusiast.

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Stretching the Limit of Financial Abilities

Mark Rolton has a track record of success and delivering innovative property development strategies.

Mark Rolton has dedicated his professional life to the use of Property Options in property development. Mark is highly regarded as the Number One authority in Australia on Property Options. Due to this recognition, Mark developed an education arm that now teaches others how to capitalise on the use of Property Options and generating wealth.

As a charismatic speaker Mark Rolton delivers his wide knowledge on Property Options in easy to understand concepts, that can be understood by both novices and sophisticated investors alike.

Mark Rolton is dynamic and focussed and his professional team at Massland are both motivated and inspired by his positive and insightful business strategies. This revolutionary approach in property development has resulted in the Massland Group growing into a category leading organisation with an impressive property and ever growing development portfolio.

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